Coronovirus and Online Education

With the vast majority of the nation’s schools closing for COVID-19 fears, yet another weakness of classroom education has been unveiled. Many schools have closed for two, three, four weeks, and even more. This brings about such a disruption in education that states are halting their state-imposed standardized testing. Since classroom-based schools often “teach toward

Super Science Saturdays: Oobleck

By: Hannah Graves, JNDA Teacher Oobleck has been a science-class favorite of mine ever since I first encountered it in the 6th grade. With only a few simple ingredients, you can create this amazing quicksand-like substance that you won’t be able to stop playing with! Materials: 1 cup of cornstarch ½ cup of water Food coloring (optional)

Reforming Education

Reforming Education

Dr. Randy White The American Educational-Industrial System called Public Schools is so broken it almost cannot be fixed. But, if someone were to try reforming education, here is the route that should be taken. First, I should note that the problem may not be seen in individual teachers, school administrators, or even school districts. The