Super Science Saturdays: Oobleck

By: Hannah Graves, JNDA Teacher Oobleck has been a science-class favorite of mine ever since I first encountered it in the 6th grade. With only a few simple ingredients, you can create this amazing quicksand-like substance that you won’t be able to stop playing with! Materials: 1 cup of cornstarch ½ cup of water Food coloring (optional)

Reforming Education

Reforming Education

Dr. Randy White The American Educational-Industrial System called Public Schools is so broken it almost cannot be fixed. But, if someone were to try reforming education, here is the route that should be taken. First, I should note that the problem may not be seen in individual teachers, school administrators, or even school districts. The

It’s Not the Money, Honey | Why Dollars Won’t Fix Education

Dr. Randy White, Superintendent, John Nelson Darby Academy The Public School monopoly, which is tightly controlled by the educational establishment composed of teachers’ unions, textbook sellers (the world’s best exploitation industry), and the educational academia (which is largely atheist, socialist, and totally influenced by Deweyism), is constantly telling legislators and the public that more money is