If your child is starting the Darby Academy mid-year, that is not a problem. The Darby Academy can be a great solution for students who are moving, have struggled in the classroom, have health or schedule issues, or are just looking for a healthy school environment.

My child is up to date in his/her grade

If your child has been in the classroom or another educational setting and is up to date with good grades (A’s and B’s), then we recommend placing the child in the current unit, closely monitoring progress for success.

My child is behind in his/her grade

If your child has fallen behind in school work, we can get them up to speed using two methods.

  • For subjects in which the child struggles, we suggest placement testing. This will help us accurately place the child at the appropriate level of learning for the challenging subjects.
  • For subjects in which the child has an average competency, we suggest our flex program. This program enables a child to take a pre-test and skip material that has already been mastered.

We can help!

If your child is severely behind, we can offer year-around options that will enable him/her to catch up to grade level in the shortest amount of time possible, without sacrificing foundational knowledge. Contact us for a one-on-one consultation.