At the John Nelson Darby Academy (JNDA), we believe that quality education should be accessible to everyone. We are proud to offer free tuition for our 3rd – 5th-grade students. However, we gratefully accept donations to help support our mission and maintain the quality of our academic programs. Your generous contributions not only help us keep our online platform running smoothly, but they also directly support our dedicated teachers.


When you make a donation, 80% of the amount will be allocated to the teacher or teachers of your choice, as a token of appreciation for their dedication and hard work. The remaining 20% is used towards the administrative expenses necessary to keep our academy operational. Your contribution helps us continue to provide an exceptional learning experience for our students. Parents are given unique donation URLs so that their donations go to the correct teachers.


Even though we offer free tuition, there are some fees associated with our program:

Late Assignment Fee:

At JNDA, we encourage our students to be diligent and timely in their learning. We believe that timely completion of assignments is crucial for a student’s academic growth. However, we understand that sometimes life happens. If a student falls behind by more than one week in any class, a fine of $10 per class will be charged. This fee is calculated every Friday and is in place because our teachers must adjust their teaching routines when students fall behind. The fee also serves as a great motivation for students to stay current. We find that students who get behind in their work become incredibly de-motivated to catch up. We hold credit/debit card and/or PayPal information on hand for these fines. Please note that students are not allowed to be more than four-weeks behind without making some plan for catching up.

Matriculation Fee:

We have a one-time matriculation fee of $100. This fee is not an annual charge. The matriculation fee helps cover the costs associated with setting up new students in our systems, preparing personalized curricula, and administrative tasks that help ensure a smooth educational journey for our students at JNDA.

Software Requirement

In an effort to provide a seamless and efficient online learning experience, JNDA requires all students to use Notion, a dynamic workspace that allows our teachers to plan, collaborate, and organize effectively. This tool is essential for our unique approach to online education.

Please note that the cost of using Notion can be up to $20 per student per month. This cost is not included in the free tuition and will be the responsibility of the parents or guardians. The investment in this tool is invaluable for our teachers to effectively manage and deliver our curriculum.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we work together to provide a quality online education that prepares students for success in all areas of life. We appreciate your commitment to your child’s education and are always here to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.