No Surprises!

At John Nelson Darby Academy (JND), our tuition program is simple and our fees are few.

  • Students receive access to their required courses plus any electives. Teachers are available for one-on-one assistance Monday through Thursday, and by appointment on weekends – $1,000 tuition is all-inclusive except for a $250 matriculation fee, which is due at registration.
  • Individual Class (student has access to one class and works at his/her own pace with teacher access Monday through Thursday, and by appointment on weekends) – $250 for a full-year course, $125 for a semester course.



If a student must withdraw from JND, tuition is refunded on the following basis-

  • Withdrawal before October 31 | Tuition pro-rated
  • Withdrawal November 1 – December 31 | 50% reimbursement
  • Withdrawal January 1 – February 29 | 30% reimbursement
  • Withdrawal March 1 and following | no reimbursement



When needed, the Academy will seek scholarship funds for students, based on financial need. The student, with the help of his/her parents, will need to exhibit both financial need and academic potential that would make the student a valuable investment to charitable foundations. Scholarships are sought on an individual basis and are not guaranteed.